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Suspect Mold or Asbestos in Your Home?

Arrange for air quality testing in Pauline, Spartanburg, SC & Gastonia, NC

Many older homes contain asbestos. But if those particles become airborne, your family's health could be at risk. If you're worried that you might have mold or asbestos in your home, turn to AMC Environmental, LLC in Pauline, Spartanburg, SC or Gastonia, NC.

You can get air quality testing services that will put your mind at ease. You'll get the results and a full report in just one week. Contact our team today to set up an asbestos and mold testing appointment.

Where will we take samples?

To make sure, our air quality testing service is thorough, we'll take several samples from around your home. We focus on the most common places to find asbestos, including your:

  • Drywall
  • Ceiling texture
  • Joint compound

We'll also take several mold samples. To schedule an appointment for our asbestos and mold testing services, get in touch with us today.